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Company News

2016 Huatu Annual Holiday Arrangement (2015-12-01)

Dear customers and suppliers,

Our company's holiday schedule for 2016 is: 


 Holiday Time

Transfer Date

Holiday Days

New Year's day

 1-01 to 1-03  

1-04 (Monday) work

 3 days in total

Spring Festival

2-05 to 2-14

2-15(Monday) work

10 days in total

Tomb Sweeping Day

4-04 to 4-06

Including weekend break

3 days in total

Labor day

5-01 to 5-03

5-02(Monday)Compensatory time

3 days in total

Dragon Boat Festival

6-09 to 6-11

6-12(Sunday) work

3 days in total

Mid-Autumn Festival

9-15 to 9-17

9-18(Sunday) work

3 days in total

National Day

10-01 to 10-07

10-08(Saturday) work

 7 days in total

If you have any question , please contact us in advance. For any urgent business during holidays, 

please dial +86-755-2696 9774 / +86-186 8892 2072. 

Happy New Year & Best wishes!


Dec, 2015