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Company News

CPSE IN BEIJING 2016 (2016-11-01)

Huatu, as a world-class provider of panoramic camera products, was invited to attend CPSE on October 25-28,2016 in Beijing China. Domestic and foreign customers were intereted in our products, they visited our booth (no. E3H28) to know more details of our products. 

Core products:

1. Panoramic(multi-sensor) 180°/360°IP camera, 24MP(30fps), 15MP(30fps), 12MP(30fps)

2. Panoramic(multi-sensor) VR 720°camera, 24MP(30fps), 15MP(30fps), 12MP(30fps)

3. Fisheye Panoramic 360° IP camera, 8MP(30fps)

4. H.265 IP camera, 12MP(22fps), 5MP(30fps), 4MP(30fps), 3MP(30fps), 2MP(30fps)